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Radio Chicago is the most popular program of WPNA1490am. Every day it has thousands of listeners tuning in, ranging in age from 20 to 90 years old. B & L Production,Inc. has been the producer of the strongest and most prestigious Polish radio broadcast emitted from the oldest Polish radio station: WPNA, since 1991.

WPNA is owned by the most important polish organization in USA—the Polish National Alliance. Radio Chicago airs during the morning rush primetime from 7am to 9am, Monday trough Friday. We can also offer you advertising in Polish Radio possibilities from 9AM-7PM.

Radio Chicago guarantees access to Poles living in the Chicago land area, yet it is the most cost-friendly avenue of reaching a Polish clientele. The show has been on the air for over a two decades and has built up quite a following; it attracts many thousands of Polish speaking listeners per day, on the radio and online. Hundreds of emails pour into the inboxes of Radio Chicago also from Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond.

The program is directed towards and accessible to a wide age range due to topics of discussion on air—politics, socio-economic issues, culture, business as well as immigration-related topics.

The “morning drive,” is when the most Polish listeners tune into Polish radio. Given its time of broadcast, track-record, popularity and following, Radio Chicago garners the greatest potential number of Polish listeners.

SLYn4yby „Estymator Consulting Company”

Radio is a local medium. Radio’s strength is drawn from community involvement, local topics and disseminating information to listeners. No other medium touches consumers like radio can. It’s specially important in ethnic communities like Polish.

Radio listeners are fiercely loyal to “their” radio station of choice. Listeners identify with call letters, on-air personalities and radio station sponsored events by offering tremendous support of not only the station but also advertisers.

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